Tutorial: using an IDE-to-SATA converter to install a second hard drive

the scenario: one day you stumble upon a box containing a brand new Maxtor 6Y080L0 IDE hard drive. You vaguely recall buying this in the year 2002 but it never got used for anything. You don’t really want give it away either, as it boasts a useful 80 gigabytes…so you decide to bite the bullet and attempt to install it in your PC. The only problem is, technology has moved on. You open your case and discover that your snazzy state-of-the-art motherboard sports a dizzying amount of SATA connectors – but only one IDE connector. That would be okay except for the fact that this connector is already occupied by your CD/DVD writer. Along with trying different jumper switches and drive combinations, daisy-chaining two IDE devices to this connector just won’t work.

the solution: rather than buying a new SATA harddrive and ebaying the old one, you purchase one of those handy little SATA converters for a fraction of the price. The plan is to attach it to that pesky IDE hard drive so that you can effortlessly hook it up to the SATA connectors on the motherboard.

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