Tutorial: Cryptswap1 errors, wonky monitor displays & how to fix things after an Ubuntu 14.04 upgrade

Last week I ran into some serious problems with my Ubuntu 12.04 after some routine updates. I wasn’t able to determine exactly what happened but it was related to one of our usual suspects, the cryptswap1 error at bootup, which announces that ‘the disk drive for /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 is not ready yet or not present‘.

I tried various things suggested in forums, including this one. Unfortunately, due to a slightly different config, this culminated in me somehow partially disabling my swap space. I happened to have a Debian Live CD lying around, so I proceeded to do a harddrive backup (mainly to rescue that morning’s downloaded emails), but that was tricky because my /home folder was encrypted. Though I am told it is possible, I didn’t have the time on top of all this to go & read up on how this could be done via a Live CD!

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